Waking up never used to be this difficult. I had to drag myself out of bed today, Sleep Cycle telling me I had a solid 6 hours of blissful sleep (minus the apparent sleep talking and outside storm). The last couple of days has been a complete contrast from the perfect weather we had a few weeks ago. Never-ending wind, gales and rain. Perfect weather for huddling (retreating?) inside and focusing on the work.

Boil water. Clean pot. Crush beans. Make coffee. Drink.

Today is a polishing day. Lots of small or half finished tasks that have been on my to-do list for a while. Also have to find some time to do my taxes. Taxes, wonderful, wonderful taxes.

Connected some new form fields from the MOSS booking form to Airtable using Integrately. I tried switching to Make (previously Integromat) after their huge (entirely underwhelming) rebranding but was left with more questions than answers and a wasted weekend. I even sat down with a developer friend to go through it. No idea. Integrately, while terribly designed, is a surprisingly fantastic Zapier alternative; at only a fraction of the cost. Took a string of ID’s and was able to easily map it to Airtable’s reference fields.

I have been using Figma to lay out both Stories in Between and The Littlest Things, which has been insanely helpful. Being able to view the content at a meta level, and zoom in on the finer details, helps me understand the flow of the story. I only wish that there was better integration with Lightroom CC and Photoshop, my current workflow of taking screenshots, copying them and pasting them into Figma makes me feel uncomfortable, dirty even. Perhaps a plugin one day?