Depression and Biometric Feedback / Week 3

This week ends on a positive note. We are now approaching the halfway point of the project, and while we don’t have much to show, the foundation of what we have built is sound, and the team is excited with the ideas. I am glad that everyone has something that they can work on, and feels motivated to do.

My team and I have decided to focus upon two main deliverables and seem to be on our schedule.

The first of which is a dashboard for the therapist. This consists of reading the biometric data gathered from the patient and transforming it into a visual interface for the therapist which can be used to read the patient more clearly and understand how they feel. Luis’ class on processing ties here nicely as I imagine that we can transfer the data received from the biometric sensors and visualise it. I am not sure how this would work within Unity and if this is even possible, but it’s something that we’re experimenting with.

The second deliverable is that of visualising depression, an idea that I’m personally passionate about and have pushed, perhaps too harshly, within the team.

I feared that the dashboard would be too simple and may push us into a comfortable, safe field as the last project did. As the previous project was incredibly focused upon co-designing with the client, it is refreshing to have such freedom and space. Genevieve has been a huge help in her guidance and, as Mirjam has been sick for a few days, has become our temporary client. This works well as our meetings are short, focused and helpful.

A frustrating point worth mentioning is the time element. Our weekly schedule is so full that there is barely any time to breath, let alone to work on anything. Last week the entire week was filled with classes, workshops, meet-ups and more. While they are educational, it’s difficult to utilise the rest of the days hours productively. I hope that this is just growing pains.

This weekend I hope to have some artist impressions of the different monsters finished to show to the class on Monday for feedback and general impressions. If this all goes well, then I can start the 3D models in Maya.