2.2 Reflection & Awareness
The student reflects upon his/her individual contributions to a team.

2.2 Reflection & Awareness

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At the beginning of the school year when we were first divided into groups, I only knew Alex reasonably well as we had worked together and became friends during the retreat. I found Maria and Venus, however, difficult to place. During the first project, Living Roadmap, our roles slowly became more and more transparent. Maria is the technically-minded person, Alex was the project manager, Venus is the researcher, and I took more of a creative conceptual lead. The team, however, really came into their own during the second project as we got to know one another better. Our personalities and skills became more vivid and slowly we each found our own place within the team. As the second project was far more technical than the first, it was Maria’s time to shine. In the beginning, I felt uncomfortable and terribly lost as I navigated a field far away from my comfort zone as I had never worked with VR, Unity, or biometric sensors before. However, I knew that in order to help my team succeed I needed to acquaint myself with these technologies and tools and understand what we could do with them. After playing around within Unity, Maria and I both came to the realisation that we were proficient in two distinct parts of the program which made us work well together in a single mind to give life to the creature.

My role in the team has been and continues to be the creative lead. This means that I am in charge of pushing the team to go beyond what is considered to be “normal” or “adequate”, suggest ideas that can sometimes seem impossible or technically absurd, push our creative decision, and be experimental while aesthetically pleasing. I have found that this dynamic works really well within my team. Maria and I often lie on opposing sides which, although at times frustrating for both of us, has proven to be beneficial for our projects and personal growth. I have come to appreciate her thoroughness, attention to detail and occasional creative outburst. Alex helps me stay grounded with my work while creating frameworks, using team methods, setting deadlines, restrictions and limitations and notifying me when I become too crazy. Venus is a constant surprise as she quietly researches things and informs stakeholders of our progress, sets up meetings and organises our work.

To critique myself and provide honest feedback on my performance, I can say that sometimes I become too involved in a project, forever tweaking and adapting a task and do not know when to stop. I continuously expand and experiment. Luckily I have team members who know when to stop me, but I would like to be more structured. For the second semester, I wish to improve on my timeliness and have more structured meetings using methods such as Scrum.