2.5 Reflection & Awareness.
The student can critically self-assess the outcomes of his/her work in a way that leads to practical plans for further improvement.

2.5 Reflection & Awareness.

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For the Living Roadmap project, our goal was to work together with clients from Informaat and the Municipality of Amsterdam to find a way to streamline innovation within energy transition within the city of Amsterdam. Neither of the clients knew exactly what needed to be done, or needed stops, and were both fully aware of the complexity of the task. My team and I had been working so hard on understanding and framing the complexity of the energy transition that we tried tackling a problem that was perhaps too big for a six-week project. The end result was an app-based approach of a platform, comparable to that of Smart-City, which expanded upon the community aspect, had a deeply integrated search function and created a basic framework for the energy transition. In the six weeks that we had, we were able to design an app that would intelligently connect individuals to projects regarding energy transition or help them find people suitable for projects they had created while providing resources such as information, lessons learnt from previous projects, tools and workspaces and list of experts.

While I am very proud of the work that we have done and the results we have reach, I can also say that rather than intensely focusing upon the main problem we had to solve, we were unable to go in depth with concepts that were important and significant to us, and instead brushed through some of the contexts, concepts and ideas. I was delighted with the art style, but I would like to have seen a deeper connection between the illustrations, icons and the app design and the style of the map. I would also have liked to have made the project posting/creation section where the user can create and manage their personal projects clearer and more refined.

The strong points of the project was the app design itself as I knew that the project would later be continued by a new team of designers. My design files needed to be exported to someone else in a way that they would be usable, readable and editable logically and systematically. Every asset was required to be well made so the designers and developers could just pick it up and continue where I left off. I created a complete style guide, icon grid system, and asset library that was well made, of professional quality and could be easily expanded upon.

If I were to continue this project further, I would work more on some of the gamification ideas that we had such as giving it a story or narrative of destroying the bad energy dragon. I would also guide myself and my team in focusing more on the more exciting design ideas and goals and concepts than trying to comprehend and solve the entire energy transition problem on our own.

I am very proud that the municipality of Amsterdam has gained funding to continue to actually realise parts of this project due to our work which is being funded and improved on.