Biometric Feedback
Experiment with biometric feedback in virtual reality.

Biometric Feedback

  • 3d Modeling

1. After having played it safe during the previous project, I wanted to be more experimental and creative.
2. I spent the first part of the project researching into depression and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).
3. Inspired, I sketched some creatures that I felt fitted various forms of depression
4. From these sketches I created concept art which we then tested with the class and on social media
5. As I needed to create the creature in 3D, and that I was struggling with getting the form right, I turned to another 3d medium, clay
6. I struggled with the form for a long time
7. Being masters of empathy and life,I studied how Pixar created their eyes. By following several tutorials and experimenting with materials and gradients, I was able to get my own eye.
8. It was a huge shock when I realised that Unity couldn't import textures and shaders from C4D. I solved this by creating UV's from the objects in C4D and importing them into Unity.
9. I knew that I needed to bring movement to the character to bring it to life. I experimented first on simple objects that I could easily rig.
This is when the team and I first experienced the existing VR experience.
Here Maria and I manage to link the data from the heart-beat sensor into Unity and animate a simple object with a transition.