Amsterdam Living Roadmap
Streamlining the innovation of energy transition in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Living Roadmap

  • Custom icon set and illustrations
  • Logo design
  • UI animation prototype
  • 3D map
  • Presentation
To make the complexity of the parts of the energy transition more manageable, I created a series of small Illustrations.
I created a custom icon set based on the MoA branding.
After many revisions, we created a user flow connected entirely by the Super-Search function.

Working with the client

1. I began the project underestimating the complexity of the Energy Transition.
2. During the first client meeting it was clear that we were designing and searching with the client.
3. The team and I spent a long time trying to understand and frame innovation within the energy transition sector.
5. We initially started work on a web based solution but changed focus once it was clear that the app would have a more focused approach.
6. Eventually, after extensive research on other platforms, we discovered that . Enter Super Search, the backbone of our concept which powers the entire platform.
7. After playing around with various tools, such as Figma, XD and Principle, I decided to use Sketch and then export the art-boards into the newly released Invision Studio to animate.
8. I created a series of illustrations to guide the user through the app
9. I also created custom icons based upon the MoA branding
The welcome screen guides and informs the user and helps them create a profile.
The dashboard matches the user with specific projects and tasks that are custom selected for them.
The app will also automatically invite users that are highly compatible with a particular team or project.
Experts and professionals can create and add projects to the system to attract new members and contribute to the betterment of the community.