The lost fox

A virtual reality experience in which a young fox travels through an enchanted forest in search of something forgotten.‍ I often mix different mediums together.Having worked with storybooks before, I wanted to enhance the experience. After much searching I concluded that the ideal method would be to work with the feeling of hand drawn illustrations using the power and immersion of a virtual world.I began by playing with various inks, paints, pens and other art supplies to achieve the effect I wanted. These experiments, although fun,I turned to playing with Procreate, an pixel based art app on the iPad, with the Apple Pencil. It was with these tools that I could draw, paint and mess around more freely than with the traditional equipment. Being a digital artist novice, it took me far longer to get a grasp upon the concept behind digital drawing, but before long I was using different brushes, copying moving and changing things I had drawn and freely playing with the software.