Boy and the Star

Illustrated picture book telling the story of a lost star trying to find a new home.

During the last couple of years, I have found myself drifting towards the art of storytelling and the relevance it has.

For my final assignment at the University of Arts in Utrecht, I decided to create a children’s book which told the story of a star that needed a new home.

Light plays a significant visual, as well as a narrative, element. The entire book takes place at night, so each illustration hasa light source with the rest of the image hidden. I wanted to hint that there is more happening than what the viewer can see. Instead of a more traditional perspective guideline, I decided that the images felt stronger by playing with depth, perception, and placement.

I began first by working purely digital, using different drawing and illustration programs. Although this worked well for creating the composition, it lacked thelife and depth that I sought. I then turned to more traditional mediums and used charcoal, paints, pencils, graphite and more to create textures which suited each part of the illustration.

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Each illustration has been composed using basic shapes and detailed with various materials and techniques, ranging from charcol to paint.
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