Promotional material design for the 2017 Utrecht University of Arts exhibition.

The yearly design EXPO at the HKU is one of the most significant events which the University of Arts in Utrecht hosts. I was asked to create the assets that would promote the event and invites for the various third party members.

As the event displays the work from awide range of disciplines, I decided tofind something that connects all formsof design which, to me, is the creative process. To visualize the creative process which I believe it to be flexible, whispy and made of organic forms that mingle and reform.

By observing and mimicking ink within water, I was able to achieve something I believe to feel like the forming of an idea. I then deformed and edited the various ink graphics to form the letters, using the liquid tool in Photoshop.

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Each letter is inspired by
E TypographyX TypographyP TypographyO Typography
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