MOSS Sailing

Award winning identity and website design for the most renowned sailing school in the Netherlands.

MOSS Sailing has been the most well regarded RYA training centre for the last 10 years. After training hundreds of students, sailing in many parts of the world and taking part in various sailing challenges, MOSS Sailing has become, for many, a highlight in their sailing journey.

In addition to creating MOSS Sailing's visual identity, I also designed and created the website, signage, newsletters, communication and other material for the brand.

I had just started art school when MOSS Sailing started growing. I undertook the task of the brands identity even though I knew very little about design. I made something which barely resembled a logo, but it was a start. Bit by bit I grew as a designer, optimising and improving every element in an endless quest for a better design, until it became what it is today. For me, MOSS Sailing has been a colossal learning experience and visual design playground.

I built the first version of the website using Adobe Muse. Although this worked well, the code that Muse created was bloated, unclear and lacked the SEO (search engine optimisation) that MOSS needed to be seen. Nevertheless, it became my starting point into the world of web and UI design. In 2015 I rebuilt and redesigned the site to accommodate future changes and, in the same year, we were awarded the 'Adobe Site of the Month' award.

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Overtime the logo became thicker and used a darker shade of blue to further reflect the rest of the UI changes to the MOSS brand.
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