I make images. Sometimes these images are interactive, sometimes they move and sometimes they are still.

I put a lot of care and thought into these images, whether they are pixels, ink, pencil or any other medium. These images are made to communicate an idea, story or concept. They can be prototyping a new feature, personifying a brand, visualising a message or telling a story.

I make images to make people feel and experience things.

  • Born in the UK and living in Amsterdam, I work remotely on projects around the world, aiming to create kind, well crafted and beautiful things.

  • I make picture books and illustrations. My book “Boy and the Star” is looking for publication.

  • I designed Sail.

  • I founded an agency called Kiri with my friend Kent de Bruin. It was acquired by Sail in 2021.

  • I have a Master of Science obtained at the Master of Digital Design. Later I also worked there, teaching and coaching two classes of wonderful students.

  • I designed and built the first version of the platform called CrowdBuilding, with low-code, which raised 100k from the RaboBank.

  • I often teach guest lectures and workshops in visual arts and design. Please contact me if you are interested.

  • I dream of owning my own house on a large plot of land (in Scotland?) surrounded by family with my (successful!) studio in the garden.

  • The typeface that you are reading is a derivative from an open-source version of Baskerville which I tweaked and named after my late grandfather.