Born in the UK and living in Amsterdam, I work remotely on projects around the world, aiming to create kind, well crafted and beautiful things.

  • I make picture books and illustrations. My book “The Boy and the Star” is looking for publication!

  • I design Sail.

  • I founded an agency called Kiri with my friend Kent de Bruin. It was acquired by Sail in 2021.

  • I have a Master of Science obtained at the Master of Digital Design. Later I also worked there, teaching and coaching two classes of wonderful students.

  • I designed and built the first version of the platform called CrowdBuilding, with low-code, which raised 100k from the RaboBank.

  • I often teach guest lectures and workshops in visual arts and design. Please contact me if you are interested.

  • I designed all the marketing, packaging and branding material for Fudo, including their interior and logo.

  • I dream of owning my own house on a large plot of land (in Scotland?) surrounded by family with my (successful!) studio in the garden.

  • The typeface that you are reading is a derivative from an open-source version of Baskerville which I tweaked and named after my late grandfather.

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