The ANWB Onderweg app was enhanced with several smart assistance features:

  1. Seamless Navigation: Ensures commuters always find their way to the next mode of transport with ease.
  2. Travel Query Resolution: Provides answers to any travel-related questions, aiding in better decision-making on-the-go.
  3. Proactive and Contextual Alerts: Keeps commuters informed about cancellations, weather conditions, and crowd levels natively and in Augmented Reality (AR) mode, allowing for timely adjustments to travel plans.
  4. Waiting Time Optimization: Offers personalized recommendations and deals to make effective use of waiting times.

The modern commuter often faces a series of challenges during their daily transit, especially during moments of transitioning from one mode of transport to another. It is in these 'moments of switch' where uncertainties, such as unexpected cancellations or crowdedness, can cause stress and disrupt the seamless flow of the journey. To address these challenges, the Smart Switch concept was envisioned and integrated into the ANWB Onderweg app.