I designed Fudo's store to be inviting and modern, while still incorporating traditional Japanese elements. The minimalist color scheme and clean lines showcase Fudo's high-quality products. The layout is easy to navigate for a pleasant shopping experience.

I crafted a collection of packaging solutions for Fudo's product line, encompassing cups, bags, sushi paper wrappers and more. The designs boast a clean and playful aesthetic that mirrors Fudo's design language.  By utilizing predominantly paper-based materials and, where feasible, eco-friendly inks, the packaging was designed for product freshness and safety during transportation.

With a focus on modernity and simplicity, the website is user-friendly and visually engaging, while the social media channels showcase Fudo's products and values.

After working for various sushi companies for several years, Milena and Julien decided to start their own sushi franchise. Fūdo, which literally translates to "food" in Japanese, is a new approach to fast food, emphasising speed and nutritious options.

I was given full creative freedom and designed everything, from the branding and logo to the store and packaging design.

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