As the nature of this work is confidential, I won’t be able to show any project visuals for the time being. However, I can provide a description of the work I’ve done.

For the past two and a half years, I have designed Sail and created its assets, from the logo and identity to the UI system and visual language. I spent the majority of my time prototyping features and exploring the user interface.

The complexity of a collaborative tool like Sail is deceptively high, and keeping things simple is a challenge. Every element and feature of the user experience requires extensive product development and collaboration with the engineers.

My aim for the logo was to have a playful, solid feel with a sticker-like effect. I wanted it to stand out from other tools and feel approachable and intuitive. Achieving this look took multiple revisions, with hundreds of variations of hues, tints, and shadows. The logo's shape works well with both gradient colouring and a flat design.

I also created an icon set consisting of hundreds of icons designed to be playful yet clear. Each icon was drawn on a 24px art board with the ability of being scaled to either 16px or 48px.